During 2015, Guy Julier and Lucy Kimbell undertook a piece of research commissioned by the AHRC called Developing Participation in Social Design: Prototyping Projects, Programmes and Policies(henceforward ProtoPublics) documented on this blog.

Our report, Co-Producing Social Futures Through Design Research (protopublicsreportfinal, PDF, 7.6 MB) published by the University of Brighton (October 2016) summarises the project, its findings and outcomes and makes recommendations for supporting social design research.

Much of the argument is summarised and brought to life in our animated essay (animated by Holly MacDonald).

Report: Executive summary

A key aim of this report is to clarify how a design-oriented approach complements and is distinct from other kinds of cross-disciplinary, co-produced research in relation to social issues.

The starting point for the research was recognition of the emergence of what is loosely called ‘social’ design. Examples are the application of design methods and expertise within social innovation, public services, policy and healthcare. These…

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