Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?

This is a fabulous visual explaining the evolution of technology in learning to what we are encountering now, mobile learning. I love this graphic so much, but it is not very accessible, so I have created a text description that follows the images, as well as some discussion.

Steven W. Anderson (@web20classroom)

12/13/11 12:16 AM
Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?zite.to/rHswJE #mlearningDesign Milk (@designmilk)
10/19/11 2:46 PM


23 incredible new technologies you’ll see by 2021 via @matadornetwork matadornetwork.com/life/24-incred…#IntelEMP


TrapezeWP_NonStop Wireless_Securing WiFi Networks in Higher Education

Executive Summary
For years in the corporate world, networking gurus have spoken of something
called “always-on enterprises.” These are businesses that require connectivity 24/7,
enterprises in which users must be able to access their WiFi all the time. For these
entities, reliable wireless connectivity is an irreplaceable aspect of the network,
something as important as a dial tone on the telephone system.
Now, this networking philosophy is becoming prevalent in higher education, as
Students are used to constant connectivity—they come to campus with their own
personal laptops and expect to be able to connect to the Internet whenever they
want, from wherever they want. When these users don’t get their way, they go out
and set up their own access points, a reality that causes nightmares for IT managers
charged with keeping the campus network safe. To combat this phenomenon, academic
technologists are being forced to make sure their campus wireless connectivity
boasts top-quality performance, stellar security, easy-to-use management, and
omnipresent reliability.
Everywhere, anytime and reliable WiFi access has become mission-critical to the
overall health of higher education institutions. Without it, wireless is just another
way to connect to the Web.http://www.syntechnologies.co.uk/media/Syntec/downloads/sdfjkldsf/Education/Trapeze%20-%20Securing%20Wireless%20Networks%20in%20Higher%20Education.pdf

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