Hacking the university – Lincoln’s approach to openness

Lincoln University - Student as producer open educational resource initiative

The University of Lincoln has made Student as Producer central to its teaching and learning strategy in an attempt to improve the relationship between teaching and research, the core activities of the university. By engaging students and academics as collaborators, Student as Producer refashions and reasserts the very idea of the university.

What we did

The Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) was created in 2007 to lead the University of Lincoln’s Teaching and Learning Strategy, run post-graduate courses for the study of education and practice of teaching, and support the academic use of technology across the university. Since its inception, the theme at the heart of the Centre’s work has been to reconnect research and teaching, the core activities of universities. Central to this objective is an attempt to reconfigure the dysfunctional relationship between teaching and research in higher education and a conviction that this can be best achieved by rethinking the relationship between student and academic. We call this project “Student as Producer”, and since late 2010, Student as Producer has been adopted as the de facto teaching and learning strategy for the University of Lincoln.

By engaging students and academics as collaborators, we can refashion and reassert the very idea of the university.

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