10 Reasons Why Twitter Is The Best Marketing Platform

Brian Hanley (@BrianHanley1)
16/07/2012 16:08
10 Reasons Why Twitter Is The Best Marketing Platform – Blogging Tips




Twitter Marketing Tips

I first joined Twitter in 2009 and to be honest the first 12 months were an absolute disaster. My lack of strategy and focus was my downfall.

“7 Twitter Marketing Tips” will provide you with a quick start guide to gaining more targeted followers, better relationships (aka raving fans) and potential new clients.

In order for you to make Twitter a profitable experience you need to be engaging with with the right audience. A scatter gun approach of following everyone won’t work.

I follow four types of people:

1/ Potential clients.

2/ Potential joint venture partners.

3/ People that will help spread my message.

4/ Followers of my rivals.

Local followers: Follow the followers of local radio stations, restaurants etc. Tweet This

 Where possible use a personal picture in your profile. Firstly it’s always good to put a face to a name and also, who really likes chatting to an anonymous organisation? If you do insist on using a business name and logo make sure you add the name of the person tweeting from that account in the bio.

Your bio description is key to the start of a great new relationship. Briefly describe what you do and where possible add a hook to get the conversation started.

I use “P.S Send me a quick @ to say Hi :)”.

 I actively follow people. Yes I said it. I don’t passively sit back and wait for people to follow me.

My philosophy is that if you have a great message to be spread then shout about it. It’s similar to direct mail. Not everybody will respond with a follow back, but if your list is targeted a percentage will.

 Give freely and they will follow (and tell their friends).

Where possible I answer numerous questions daily both publicly and privately through direct messages. Why?

Twitter is about conversation, right? So not only do I chat about business, but I talk about , well… everything. What has been a turning point for me is giving my professional advice freely. Being cool.

My thought is, that if the advice and help they get for free works and helps them out… they can trust that the services they pay for will be invaluable.

Give freely and they will follow (and tell their friends). Tweet This

 Automating elements of your Twitter experience is often a contentious topic.

I make no apologies for using software to make my time more effective.

Firstly and more importantly let me tell you what I don’t automate. I never send auto direct messages to new or existing followers. To me it just seems a bit insincere.

I do however automate:

1/ Unfollows (non reciprocal follows).
2/ Research on who to follow.
3/ Follows (99% time).
4/ Timed Tweets (Not all tweets)

I exclusively use two tools. Firstly, Manage Flitter (free version) and secondly and more importantly Tweet Adder (affiliate link)

 I test everything. From the profile pictures I use to the way my tweets (links) are formatted.

The reason I test so much is that I want my voice to be heard by more people and for that voice to be more effective.




 Have the end in mind.

I have very rarely actively sold my services through Twitter. Not because I’m the shy retiring type, but because I have found it more effective to give freely and take my relationships past the 140 character limit as a result.

People will either join my email list (signup below) to get to know me better or direct message me for a private Skype call etc.

Remember, you don’t have to flood your tweet stream with endlous pitches to feed your sales funnel



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