#IOLchat Report: Twitter in Education

Each week we meet via Twitter for #IOLchat to discuss current issues related to online learning. Participants include students, instructors, eLearning companies, schools, publishers, and instructional designers.

Our moderator, Melissa, and social media manager, Laura, are participating in two conference sessions (TCC Online Conference and Social Learning Summit) this week to discuss the use of Twitter in online learning environments. This week’s chat topic was designed to help expand on the topic and resulting conversations. Are you currently using Twitter as part of a formal course or to build your professional network? Do you think use of the microblogging platform could benefit students? Here’s a summary of this week’s discussion:

How are you using Twitter in education?

  • Through a school account, vs. individual account, to connect with the general public as well as students.
  • To send out announcements and to provide links to interesting resources.
  • For professional networking with other educators.
  • To promote interaction.
  • As an alternative form of communication with students should the course site/LMS go offline.
  • As a way to keep up with the latest news and current events in your field.
  • To create a professional communication and development channel for groups of educators.
  • As a forum to exchange thoughts and recommendations about educational matters, share solutions, collaborate, share good and bad experiences, make connections, and offer support.
  • As a way to search for information, it can be “better than Google, especially if you have a good PLN.”
  • Take a look at What if School Was More Like Twitter? From Tom Whitby.
  • View Twitter in U.S. Higher Education from Kelvin Thompson (Thanks @kthompso!)
Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold)
2/13/12 10:31 PM
“Anatomy of an Idea” – @stevenjohnson talks about his research techniques vis a vis Twitter, lateral…|||

YorkU KMb Unit (@KMbYork)
2/9/12 8:33 PM
The slides from this week’s hands-on twitter for #research session are now #YorkU


12-step guide on how to live-tweet an event


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